Our user research puts you in the driver's seat: Fast, relevant and flexible, we give you a complete understanding for you to make the right decisions.



Ethnographic insight studies give you a complete understanding of users‘ needs, pains and their context. Get a holistic understanding of the problem space and look through the users‘ eyes.


We cover the whole range of qualitative and quantitative usability and ux testing, be it lab, field, remote, whatever answers your questions. And we will put you right in the middle.

Customer Journey

Get a full understanding of your users‘ and how they interact with your products and services. These tools will help you bridge your silos and fixation on features.


From surveys to performance analyses, we help you setup a whole array of sensors to get a concise image of the reality. See how we can help you make your data actionable.


We accompany the whole research process together with Design Thinking methods in order to be able to evaluate the results properly.

We believe that the stakeholder must be the owner of the solution. If you understand the context, you are able to execute the right action within your organisation.

Lean and agile product and service development also requires user research to adapt to those principles. In a truly Build-Measure-Learn development approach user insights need to be delivered in a fast and flexible way.

User research is only valuable, if you can trust the results. We have a achieved a level of professionally that keeps everyone’s peace of mind.



o2 Telefónica

For many years, we provide o2 telefonica with the user insights and methodology to drive business and user value. One of our recent projects included providing the customer perspective for the new o2 banking service.


Here you go, formerly known as Nokia Maps, is one of the most advanced and best maps solutions world wide. Over the years, we not only conducted many research projects embedded into the product development process, but also helped designing and building up their research resources. Among the projects were in-car studies, prototyping, diary studies and international wording tests.


We had the opportunity to support BMW i Mobility with the introduction of e-Cars into their DriveNow fleet. We provided BMW with insights into the users‘ perspective and their mental models, pain points and highlights in e-car specific usage, embedded observation, video hightlighs and deduction of strategic steps.

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